Art Therapy for People Living with Dementia

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring Art Therapy Workshops for people in Rutland living with early-or young-onset Dementia. 

Rutlanders living at home with a dementia diagnosis can now take part in a programme of varied, free of charge activities, delivered by specialists in an environment tailored to their specific needs. All thanks to the foresight of Rutland Community Ventures, and sponsorship from Home Straight and Rutland Sailing Club.

Why art therapy?

There is a lot of promising evidence proving that innovative workshops of this kind can help to slow down the progression of dementia. This is particularly true of younger people with the disease, who are usually physically stronger and more resilient than older people. 

What activities are available?

Each workshop will focus on creating something useful for the home or to gift to friends and family. Some of the activities include; silk painting – using specialist paints designed to print on fabric, marbling – a beautiful painting technique, and tile making – using old methods to create designs in clay tiles.

This is something we are extremely proud to be supporting. For more information please call Home Straight on 01572 722590.

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Georgie Balmford